This might not be a diary per se, but I think it could clear up a few things, and actually be fun

We have seen so many diaries about what it is to be a conservative lately.  We have libertarian-conservatives, social-conservatives, false-conservatives, and even just conservatives typing reams about the subject.  Some of us have been here for years chatting politics, yet still arguing about who is conservative, where people stand, etc.

I have an idea that might at least give the group some insight into each others philosophies, we can take a political test or two and give our results.  If we all take the same tests, and have different results, then we actually will have something substantive to discuss.  One problem with the debates lately is that it is true that “words mean things”; but it is also true that people can interpret words differently.  For example, I can honestly say I am a “libetarian-conservative” in one debate, and I can honestly say I am a “small-government social con” in another.  I know I am telling it like it is in both cases, it is just the context of the discussion that changes the nomenclature.

So, if anyone else is game, I suggest we take some online political quizzes and show our results.  I know there are some good quizzes out there and most are dreck.  The one I find quite informative is the political compass quizz.  This quizz is located here


My test results were economic l/R 6.50 and libertarian/authoritarian -0.92

I know there some other really good political placement quizzes out there, one I took was better than political compass, but I can’t find it right now.  I took a few others and they all said the same thing, I am a conservative Republican, shocker.

I suggest people take the political compass test and post their results.  Also, if you have a link to a good quizz, meaning accurate and relevant, post it and we can take that one too.  At least I will take it and post my results.