Let's Bring down Murtha!

Why don’t we as a community focus on an effort to fund Bill Russell’s campaign against the Marine hating, redneck hating, moonbat extraodinaire Jack Murtha? The nutroots are always raising money to defeat our friends, I think it is about time we do likewise. It is easy to talk, but we are preaching to the converted here. I have been a part of 2A groups that have made positive changes in less than 24 hours simply because they stood together and DID SOMETHING!

I have already explained that Russell is an Iraq War Vet and is a conservative Republican. We all know that Murtha gave aide and comfort to our enemies by calling our Marines cold blooded murderers. He also called his own constituentcy racist rednecks. Yet still, particularly with possible voter fraud, this life long Congresman will be re-elected if we as a group do not act. The loss of Murtha would be a dagger in the heart of the left wing nutroots. Need I say more?

here is a link to donate to Russell, any amount will matter this is a Congressional race

btw. I am not involved in the Russell campaign and do not live in PA. We have a shot at taking down the worst of the worst, is that not worth a few clams?

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