Open Thread

This is an insurgent open thread. I really don’t have a diary to write that I would be proud of, but I have a few comments. If anyone else wants to make comments without “hijacking” a diary, go right ahead.

1) I have a serious complaint about RedState Vista..er I mean 2.0 It seems the member posts do not refresh unless I close RedState and reopen it. But, if I close RS, I must log in again with password etc. See what I am getting at? Am I alone in this? Is there a fix for this?

2) Dang, I missed to opening of SNL, I am guessing that is when Palin went on. How did she do?

3) I can not believe McCain went on Letterman and apologized, that was really a bad idea. Letterman has become a hard left hack, with less intelligence than a hack. This was a really, really unflattering thing done by a hero.

Well that is about it, if anyone wants to comment on my comments, or say whatever, here ya go.

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