Enthusiasm Gap on the web?

Maybe I do not frequent the right sites, or maybe my eyesight is not as good these days, but I don’t seem to see any coordinated McCain funding drives on Conservative Websites, including RedState. The enthusiasm gap has been discussed for a long time during this campaign. They had the lead early and for a long time, then we got it back with Palin, and now since the financial “crisis” (opportunity for me) they have it back.It seems most of us are still supporting our candidate and arguing the best strategy for a comeback. That is a good thing of course, no use quitting, in a competition you are supposed to sprint to the end.

But I have noticed that the left wing looney blogs, led by Daily Krud are always pushing their members to send money to Obama. They coordinate these funding drives so that members can watch the dial and accomplish short-term goals. Heck, they use every perceived slight of the Messiah as an excuse to put up another funding post and ticker. If Obama is asked a tough question, up goes another funding drive. If someone asks about his flag pin, up goes another funding goal. If a McCain supporter raises his voice, they will put up a funding drive in his name.

We know Obama has a huge cash advantage. That money did not come out of thin air. Sure, some of it is from questionable sources, but let’s face it, the nutroots are breaking their piggy banks and skipping a few lattes and arugula salads so they can keep the huge funding gap.

My question is obvious, why are we not doing the same thing? What is it about conservative sites that do not seem to cause/allow the community to act as one and force certain issues? I was part of a Second Amendment site that used its collective power to actually get this accomplished. I am not talking, talking, I am talking doing, and it worked!

We know that Obama is buying 30 minute! time slots from the MSM. I am surprised he has to buy them at all; I don’t doubt he is getting a huge discount. Heck, the guy already has his own cable channel! My proposal is that the conservative sites get together and start a fund drive so that McCain can put up his own 30 minute commercial. Think of the impact of a well made argument for McCain that lasts 30 minutes in prime time! His heroic history, his conservative credentials, his reform agenda and great speakers on his behalf such as Rudy and Fred!

If we are going to turn this thing around we have to do something. Just blaming trolls and the regular dialogue is not going to make it this time. Bush had a huge money lead, he had enthusiasm, McCain does not have either by comparison. We must ask ourselves, if an Obama presidency is going to be this damaging to the country, what are WE prepared to do to try to stop it? The clock is ticking…