The Abolition of RedState

I have to rewrite this diary because I lost the long text after rebooting for the third time. I have attempted to sign in and post probably 30 times tonight. I no longer have the interest to go into the detail of my last attempt so I will keep this short and sour.

As far as I am concerned, Redstate 3.0 is a collosal failure. The site is unusable because it is so hard to log in, so hard to post, and so hard to have a conversation/debate. There have been countless posts on the problems with the new site, and even more posts defending the “hard work” of the designer. What it comes down to is this site is no longer reliable and is NOT “the place for important Republicans to post”.

When long term users can’t even log in, how do we expect a Congressman or his LA to spend the time attempting to make a diary? Some say our traffic has increased and that is the problem, if true, I will eat my hat. I have not checked website statistics, but I have seen the absurd amount of time and tenacity it takes to log on, stay logged on, and be able to make any post at all. Just to post this diary I refreshed abotu 40 times and rebooted my computer three times.

It is sad that for whatever reason this site has scored an “own goal” prior to the election of our lives. Here is some straight talk, in no way does this site compare to Daily Krud, except for content. The site just does not work. Yes, 2.0 had its problems, but it was also a close community. Erick should have polled the long term users for improvement ideas and then hired a professional to make the site better. Instead, we have lost many regulars who don’t think errors and refreshing are that enjoyable. We have lost our chance to be the conservative opposition to Daily Krud.

I also think the camaraderie of the site is gone. I remember long debates and conversations with the likes of Moe, GC, Mbecker, Jaded, EPU, Haystack, and even Erick Dondero. Now I can’t even log in, stay logged in, or get any help dealing with this site. I guess I was never in the “in” crowd, but at least there was a group that cared. Now I can’t get help from anyone here or the directors.

But this diary is not about me. Other than the fact that I spent almost three years here and feel now a stranger in my own site. We now have a chat room where 90 percent of my posts are not posted, and half the people with unlimited access I have never even heard of. They certainly were not active even one year ago.

But the main point is not about my personal complaints, my diary is about how this site has regressed. We were never the most trafficked site, but we did have a place of honor, a place where Republcan Reps posted. Now we have a site harder to access than the Whopper of “War Games” fame.

I have a lot more to say but since I doubt this thing will even post, I will let it go. To those who have been “net friends” I say thankyou. I have not posted much at all because of the reasons stated. If I am not banned for this diary, I will look forward to seeing you guys again at RedState 4.0. But again, I am flabergasted that we did this to our site on the eve of the most important election of our lives. I will stay involved in Republican politics, but I am not going to sit at my computer and refresh and reboot all night just to make a comment. Maybe someone did “work hard” to make 3.0, but if it was a victory in any sense, it was pyrrhic.