I Don't Know Why I'm Here (Barrack Obama's Wall Street)

     It seems the topic of my diary entry is a shockingly common answer, when an attendee of the Occupy Wall Street protest is asked, “Why are you here?’.  One protest sign said “KEEP YOUR WALLSTREET(sp) OFF OUR ELECTIONS”.  Not only a ridiculous, nonsensical waste of magic marker and cardboard, it is rich with irony.  According to the website  www.bessettepitney.net, “In the 2008 cycle, the securities and investment industry (including individuals and PACs) gave 57% of its federal campaign contributions to Democrats.”  The revolutionary protesters are fighting with the very same people that put their Champion of the little guy in office.  Alexis Johnson, who appeared on the O”Reilly Factor last night, made the assertion that the reason the mostly college aged protesters were there was because of their concern about their property taxes going up.  An interesting observation, because I doubt an overwhelming majority of the Occupy Wall Street participants have property to tax.  At least the crowd size is just over 5ooo.  It goes a long way in proving that Tea Party rally goers are 1) more intelligent with their coherent answers to questions poised to them by the media and their coherent message in general, 2) not a shred of violence has occurred at a Tea Party event by a member, only violence has occurred against Teapartiers, and 3) this is the most important and in my opinion, the most gratifying, we out number them!  Tea Party like minded people have proven time and time again that when the moment arrives, they will show up in peaceful, patriotic droves.  I have personally attended Tea Party events and all of them have left me with an indescribable high. Yes, I know why I was there, I love my country.