Raising Cain on Fox News Sunday

     I watched the Interview (http://bit.ly/qlVkLN)  between Chris (I wish I could stump a GOP nominee) Wallace and Herman Cain today.  Instead of tip-toeing around tough questions, Mr. Cain had no problems being forthright with his answers.  How refreshing it is to watch a candidate fire off response after response without hesitation.  His answers are not contrived, they arrive naturally to him because they come from  his heart.  Mr. Cain has a plethora of  ideas to move this country forward and he’s doing a phenomenal job of bringing them to the attention of the American people.  When Mr. Wallace questioned Mr. Cain about Chris Christie’s liberal stances on issues that are important to conservatives, Mr. Cain did not name call or chastise Mr. Christie, instead he confirmed his agreement with views held by conservatives  on those issues, which  include man-made global warming, 2nd Amendment rights, border security, and for immigrants to  be able to prove  they are here legally with proper documentation.  He gave a great rebuttal to Mr. Wallace’s skewed question regarding the 999 plan.  Mr. Wallace needs to brush up on how the National Sales Tax will be implemented.  When Mr. Cain did not back down  form his comment about blacks getting “brainwashed” by the Democrats, it was the highlight of the interview.  Instead,  he turned the tables, and brought up President’s Obama’s insulting  speech to the Congressional Black Caucus last week.  The speech where President Obama turned from a  CEO (Christmas, Easter, Only) church goer into a preacher at a revival.  Cain is improving tremendously on his national appearances and he is starting to become a formidable GOP Presidential contender.


I have not made up my mind as to who I will be voting for in the Primaries yet, but I did send Mr. Cain $25 last quarter