Colorado Recall Turns Violent: Citizen Journos Attacked

Citizen journalists and activists with Revealing Politics were attacked as they filmed outside of polling places ahead of Colorado’s contentious recall. The journos can be seen on tape quietly going about their work when one videographer is repeatedly physically attacked by a man.

Kelly Maher of Revealing Politics writes about the importance of their project here:

The Colorado recall election of Senate President John Morse is one of the most nationally watched political events in the country. With the passage of a poorly-written and difficult to understand bill that now allows for same-day voter registration in effect for the recall elections, it became clear to Revealing Politics that we need to shine a light on the process. So, we’re in front of every voting location every day (outside the 100 ft. electioneering radius) livestreaming the entrances. If you see anything, use the twitter hashtag #revealingrecall

Democrats are scared: Republicans are outperforming in these recalls.

I’ve said many times that Colorado is to Second Amendment rights what Wisconsin was to employee free choice, thus the importance of these elections. Colorado was a solid red state for over 60 years before falling to “the blueprint.” Senators John Morse (majority leader) and Angela Giron are first up for recall for voting against the will of their constituents on Second Amendment civil liberties. Giron’s recall is lead by Pueblo Freedom and Rights, headed up by Victor Head, a plumber who got fed up and took action. (I visited Colorado some weeks ago to send Magpul off in style and raise awareness for the recall, where I met Head.) Giron previously declared that the process to recall her was “racist,” despite the fact that other Hispanics in the state legislature who voted to protect constituents’s civil liberties were not recalled.

You can follow Revealing Politics’s livestream here. Additionally, if anyone can ID the man who attacked these videographers, please comment below or tag it with #revealingrecall on Twitter.