MO Sheriffs Not Buying Excuses In CCW Leak


This Pettis County Sheriff’s Office released this statement earlier today concerning the release of Missouri’s full, and private, conceal carry list:

Missouri Sheriffs across the state are watching closely the recent developments from the hearings of the Senate Appropriations Committee concerning the Department of Revenue releasing information on carry concel weapons permits issued by Sheriffs. This information has apparently been shared with the Social Security Administration Inspector General by the Missouri Highway Patrol.

Sheriff Kevin Bond, 2nd Vice President of the Missouri Sheriffs’ Association, met with other board of directors via conference call April 12, 2013, approving the following statement:

“Missouri Sheriffs share in the concerns of the Senate Appropriations Committee about the release of carry conceal weapons permit holders personal information. Local Sheriffs are charged by statute with the duty of processing applications, gathering background information and ultimately issuing the conceal carry certificate. In doing so, we are entrusted with individual personal information. We have a duty, as Sheriffs, to hold that information to the strict standards of the law and the constitution in protecting the citizens we were elected to serve. As this investigation continues by the committee and possibly the Attorney General, Missouri sheriffs are engaged with all parties to assist in formulating changed policy and procedures which will better serve to safeguard the personal information of Missouri carry conceal certificate holders.”

Pettis County residents with questions or concerns are urged to contact Sheriff Kevin Bond at 660-827-0052 or [email protected]

Earlier I shared how Gov. Jay Nixon was openly contradicted on this story by none other than his head of the Missouri Highway Patrol.

Additionally, the “investigation” cited as reason for the request (and illegal fulfillment) of Missouri’s full CCW list was suddenly dropped.

A federal agent who received information on all of Missouri’s concealed carry permit holders decided not to pursue his investigation after obtaining a readable disc earlier this year, a federal official said Friday.

That account contradicts testimony in a hearing Thursday on the concealed carry list release, in which state officials told a Senate committee that the disc could not be opened because of a technical issue.

Missouri Sen. Kurt Schaefer continues with plans to hold hearings across the state on this matter to include the public’s feedback.

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