More Death threats

The following is from a blog called Gather:

There’s mounting evidence that at least some of Obama’s faithful intend to see a black American president sworn in next year — no matter what it takes.
Earlier this month, popular black author and talk-show host Tavis Smiley disclosed death threats he’d received from those accusing him of blasphemy against their black prophet. Then, at Saturday’s Smiley-hosted State of the Black Union forum, Congressional Black Caucus member Stephanie Tubbs Jones lent credence to Smiley’s claim by suggesting that many black elected officials not swearing allegiance to Obama have also been the target of violent threats.
While widely ignored by the mainstream media, the implications here are nothing short of momentous. The very prospect of physical intimidation as a means of garnering political compliance from Americans awakens frightening images of the thuggish antics of one William M “Boss” Tweed in mid-nineteenth century New York. Having survived the 2000 election debacle without even the threat of bloodshed, would some now have us back on the road to the iniquitous days of Tammany Hall? Not surprisingly, no one in the black community has come forward with specific complaints. But here’s what we do know.

For nine years running, Smiley has hosted the annual symposium of black college professors, politicians, activists, and entertainers during Black History Month discussing matters of concern to those whose heritage the month honors. This year, Barack Obama declined an invitation — accepted by Clinton — to address the panel of black dignitaries in New Orleans. The Illinois senator and presidential hopeful’s unexpected rejection prompted a disappointed Smiley to blast the decision as a “major mistake,” and that’s when the trouble allegedly began. The perceived racial apostasy apparently sparked not only thousands of angry emails labeling Smiley as a “hater, sellout and traitor,” but also the relentless harassment of his entire family. And, while he has yet to elaborate, Smiley has also mentioned the matter of death threats – levied for the mere suggestion that the mighty Obama had somehow erred.

See: http://www.gather.com/viewArticle.jsp?articleId=281474977277362