The most unpatriotic cabinet in history

VP Joe Biden set the bar very high when he described the new litmus test for being patriotic. He said “it is now time to be patriotic by paying your taxes.” So, in order to be patriotic you must pay your taxes. In addition to loving, defending, being willing to die for your county, and obeying the laws of the land, in order to be patriotic, you must also pay your taxes.

You must do it willingly and enthusiastically, or you are just not patriotic.

Unfortunately for the country, President Obama, has tried to pack his cabinet with a bunch of unpatriotic people. Fortunately for the country, all but one of these unpatriotic people has been kept from being installed in the cabinet.

I also see the irony in a group of people that are pushing for the largest spending program in history, the so called stimulus package, that they are spending someone else’s money.