For the children … to have to pay it back

“For the children”

We have heard over and over again that the justification for passing some liberal cause big government program is “for the children.” How could anyone oppose a government program that is “for the children?” No one in their right mind could oppose a new government program “for the children.”

It seems that the so called stimulus program, which is really a liberal government spending program is also “for the children”. Well, sort of.

The reason that this stimulus program is “for the children” is because they are the ones that will have to pay it back. This massive, nearly-trillion dollar program will have to be paid back by “the children.”

The new politicians of Hope in Washington have discovered another way to borrow for their big government programs. They have found that they don’t just need to barrow from the Chinese and those in the Middle East with deep pockets, they have learned to borrow from future generations.

In a conversation that I had with my fifteen year old son, I explained how the stimulus program was going to be repaid. He was not very happy that this debt was going to be assigned to the next generation to pay it all back. We have tapped a group of youngsters that can’t even vote yet with the responsibility to pay off our debts.

But remember, “it is for the children.”