Observable Change

I think that one of the changes that we can expect from the Obama administration is a change from the decisive action that we observed during the Bush administration.

George W. Bush was decisive and resolute in his actions. He saw moral issues and took action on what he saw as right.  W was resoundingly criticized by domestic and international pundits that did not approve of his decisive action.

The change that we are seeing from Obama, especially on international issues, is that there is complete inaction.   No statement or position on Russia, China, Hamas, Venezuela, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, etc. Nothing.  It is almost like a foreign policy vacuum.

Maybe there was too much action by Bush.  Maybe he extended the US too much.  He sure upset the Russian, the French, the Iranians, etc for making the US wars moral wars against evil.  However, so far the Obama administration has the “hear no evil, see no evil, smell no evil” response to international conflict.

This truly is change.