Now is finally the time for vetting our new president

The accurate and thorough vetting of our new president elect did not occur before the November 4th election. The press, or their modern incarnation “the media”, who are granted important and broad freedoms in the first amendment, did not do their job. There are any number of excuses, but the reason may be that a full vetting of each of the candidates (and not just the Republican candidates) may have kept some voters from actually voting for Obama.

Yes, there were a few notable exceptions, including the international media that fulfilled their responsibilities and informed the public. And yes, there were a few details that slipped out accidentally. And there was also Joe Biden, who was finally muzzled in the last few days of the campaign. But the exceptions were few and far between. And there was nowhere near the scrutiny that the founding fathers expected.

However, once the election had been called for President-Elect Obama, the actual vetting process began. For example, NBC’s national news program ran a clip of Obama’s former Pastor’s rant with the actual words not bleeped out that they had not run before the election. And the details of the size and scope of government expansion are being painted in great detail. And some of President-Elect Obama’s unsavory friends are speaking opening in broadcasted interviews.

Since the media now acknowledges that they didn’t do their job before the election, now the real work needs to be done.

There are already interesting details that are now coming out. Maybe these details wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the election. Who’s to say?

However, I predict that there will be at least one new major issue each week that will be discovered and reported by the media between now and the inauguration. These issues, if voters had known before they voted would have at least given them reason to think a little bit harder about their decision.