2010 Senate/Gov News: NY, AR, FL, CA ( Update on NY 20)

NY 20 Special Election (D)

In addition to the RNC poll we mentioned earlier that shows Jim Tedisco (R) leading Scott Murphy (D) by three points in the NY-20 special election next week, Political Wire now has confirmation that a NRCC poll actually shows Murphy leading by two points.

Tedisco’s own internal polling shows him leading by just one point.

Update: According to Politico, the DNC “is mulling spending significantly more money on the race.”

NY Paterson (D)

Attorney General Cuomo (D) announced he will not challenge Paterson in a primary and will instead run for re-election to AG

Paging Rudy!

AR Lincoln (D)

A new Public Policy Polling survey in Arkansas finds Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) “not necessarily in danger of losing reelection next year, but certainly not unbeatable either.”

Key finding: “Just 45% of voters in the state approve of her job performance, with 40% dissenting… Lincoln is struggling with independent voters in the state, 50% of whom say they disapprove of her work compared to only 31% approving.”

However, in hypothetical contests with former US Attorney Tim Griffin (R) and state senator Gilbert Baker (R), Lincoln beats both 46% to 38% and 48% to 37% respectively.

Huckabee could beat her!

CA Boxer (D)

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is putting to rest rumors that he might seek another elective office after his term ends in January 2011.

Schwarzenegger says he’s not running for any seat, which made it easier for him to broker a difficult political compromise this year over how to solve California’s $42 billion budget shortfall.

FL Open Seat Martinez (R)

Gov Crist is still undecided about a run

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