We Need Top Challengers For Congress Races ( Look NorthEast/South)

Its time that we here at RedState start encouraging some top challengers to many of these winnable races. Its early but we need top challengers out to start collecting the money they are going to need and hopefully we can avoid bitter primaries.

NH Open Hodes Seat

NH Porter

NY McHahon

NY Hall

NY Arcuri

NY Massa

CT Courtney

CT Himes

CT Murphy

PA Dahlkemper

PA Altimire

PA Sestak

PA Murphy

PA Carney

PA Holden

NJ Adler

MD Kratovil

VA Nye

VA Perriello

VA Connolly

NC Shuler

NC Kissell

GA Marshall

GA Barrow

AL Bright

AL Griffith

MS Childers

FL Grayson

FL Kosmas

FL Klein


Please provide any info on these races and lets start getting some top challengers.