2010 CT News: Dodd In Trouble (GOP Golden Pickup)

Who would of ever thought the GOP has a chance to pick a seat up in the Northeast of all places but it appears Senator Chris Dodd is in big trouble according to a poll released today by Quinnipiac University.

Poll results show Dodd may be in trouble, giving him a 41 percent approval rating. Slipping below 50 percent is considered a red flag for incumbents.

Taken days after Dodd released details of two mortgages being investigated by a Senate ethics panel, the poll found that Connecticut voters are evenly split on whether they trust the five-term Democrat. Dodd’s term ends next year and he plans to run for a sixth term.

Fifty-one percent of voters said they would not vote for Dodd if he seeks re-election in 2010. Fifty-four percent said they are not satisfied with Dodd’s explanation of the details around his mortgage refinancing relationship with Countrywide Loans.

Chris Healy, chairman of the Connecticut Republicans, said there are several GOP candidates considering a run against Dodd. He suggested former U.S. Reps. Rob Simmons of Stonington and Chris Shays of Bridgeport, and Thomas Foley of Greenwich, the recent U.S. ambassador to Ireland.

Meanwhile, Gov Rell (R) has 75 percent of unaffiliated voters support Rell and 85 percent of Republicans approve of the job she’s doing. Even 67 percent of Dems approve of the job she is doing. I think if she ran we could have ourselves a winning seat in CT.