2010 Governor Races Part III (MidWest,Plains) Chat About It!

The 2010 Governor and state legislature elections are essential in the redistricting fight which is sure to happen after the 2010 elections. Here is the last part on the 2010 Governor elections

The MidWest

Iowa Culver (D) Possible Congresman Latham or King will run

Minn Pawlenty (R) The MN Dems are sure to try to knock Pawlenty off; Frankin may run or any number of current Statewide Dems

Wisconsin Doyle (D) Fmr Gov Thompson may make run, Scott Walker, or AG Van Hollen

Ill Blagojevich (D) If Blagojevich makes it (does not end in prison) and runs for 3rd term not sure if any Republicans can surface

OH Strickland (D) Strickland is popular now in state but its possible Fmr Congressman Kasich or Porter may challenge him

MI Granholm Open Seat (R) Both current Sec of State Lynn and AG Cox are term limited themselves and may run for GOP nomination while Dems may look to current Lt Gov Cherry, US Senator Stabenow are others

The Plains

OK Henry Open Seat (D) The Dems have many current Statewide office holders while its uncertain who Republicans will look to be our nominee

KS Sebelius Open Seat (D) Sec of State Thurnburgh is running as may US Senator Brownback while Dems may look to LT Gov Parkinson or Congressman Moore

NE Heineman (R) running for re-election

SD Rounds Open Seat (R) GOP has list of candidates including current LT Gov Daaugard or others.