2010 Governor Races Part II (West Coast, South West, Rocky Mountains)

The 2010 State Leg and Gov Races will determine how in many cases the lines for Congress are drawn in many states

A look at 2010 Gov Races and please post your info

The West

Alaska Palin (R) running for re-election

Hawaii Lingle Open Seat (R) Lt Gov Aiona is likely to run for GOP while any number of Dems may run

California Arnold (R) Open Seat- Many Dems may run including Feinstein, Lt Gov Garamendi, Jerry Brown while GOP is looking to Steve Poizner the current Insurance Comm to keep the seat (difficult job)

Oregon Kulongski Open Seat (D) Many Dems possible and Fmr Senator Smith or Congressman Walden for GOP

Rocky Mountain

Colorado Ritter (D) not sure who GOP will put up (Tancredo possibly)

Wyoming Fruedenthal Open Seat (D) A lot potential Republicans while Dems may go for Trauner

Idaho Otter (R) running for re-election

South West

Nevada Gibbons (R) very unpopular and may face primary and many Dems may challenge him

New Mexico Denish (D) replaced Richardon- Denish already announced she is running. Wilson, Pearce possibly for GOP

Arizona Brewer (R) replaced Napoliatano (D) Brewer likely to run and likely to face AG Goddard