2010 Governor Races Part I NE,Middle Atlantic, South (Post Your Thoughts and Info)

The 2010 State Leg and Gov Races will determine how in many cases the lines for Congress are drawn in many states

A look at 2010 Gov Races and please post your info


Maine Open Seat Baldacci (D)

Vermont Douglas (R) expected to run again

New Hampshire (D) Lynch expected to run again although he may challenge Senator Gregg

Connecticut (R) Rell – has already indicated she is running again

Rhode Island Open Seat Carcieri (R) Scott Avedisian the Mayor of Warwick is seen a Republican nominee for Gov while the Dems have many names (AG Lynch, Congressman Langevin (Carcieri could run for this seat for us if this happens)

Mass Patrick (D) Not sure who Republicans will nominate Patrick has not been very popular

Middle Atlantic:

NY Patterson (D) The GOP is looking to Guiliani tomake the plunge although Congressman King has been mentioned too

PA Open Seat (D) The Republican frontrunner looks to be AG Corbett while the Dems may have a bloody primary

MD O’Malley (D) Not sure who Republicans will nominate

The South

South Carolina Sanford Open Seat (R) Expect a primary to see who GOP nominee is

Georgia Open Seat Perdue (R) Lt Gov Cagel has announced he is running as has Oxendine the Insur Comm and a primary is expected while the Dems may look to AG Baker

Florida Crist (R) expected to run again and is right now very popular

Alabama Open Seat (R) many Republicans interested while the Dems may look to LT Gov Folsom and Congress Arthur Davis seem intent on running and being first black Governor of Alabama.

Texas Perry (R) Perry may face primary

Arkansas Beebe (D) not sure who GOP will put up

Tenn Open Seat Bredesen (D) Many GOP insiders expect Fmr US Senator Frist to make the race and the Dems may nominate Congressman Davis