MN Senate Race Update

With 65% of the ballots re-counted Coleman is up 149 votes.

The Frankin camp has challenged 881 votes to 875 by Coleman camp

Most of the Dem stronghold of St Louis County (80% in) and Frankin gained only 20 votes so far there. Hennepin county has 60% in and Coleman has gained 20 votes here so far. The big Dem county of Ramsey still has 53% to count and Frankin has gained 35 votes there so far (most of St Paul has been recounted but Minnepolis still has 70% to recount and with only 31% counted there so far Frankin has gained 41 votes already.

The GOP stronghold counties of Wright, Scott, and a few other very small counties are not expected to start counting till Dec 3rd.

Stay Tuned!