Lets Discuss Where Our Party Goes From Here! Upward and Onward. All Thoughts Welcome!

Can anyone let me know when does redistricting occur before 10 elections or after?

  1. I believe there are many worry signs for our party in this election and the first is the continuation of Republican Party brand name being destroyed in many of these blue states. How many Republicans represent districts won by Kerry/Obama now? Young in FL, Gerlach in PA, Kirk IL, and Reichert in WA if he hangs on and I think thats about it. The Republican Party is losing these seats and I fear in many cases we will never get them back (i.e Shays CT, Chabot OH) it worries me that last night many posters were saying they could care less a Shays of CT went down for example. I say this because I fear the GOP will probably never again gain this seat or the ones it lost in previous cycle in 06 in CT. With this mentality we are basically knocking off many Republicans in the party who happen to reside in Blue states. Keep in mind I grew up in RI and when I was young out of 4 person delegation RI at that time had 3 Republicans to 1 Democrat. The Republican Party needs to be an outlet to conservative and moderate voters; we must give cover to these moderates or we risk losing their seats and the problem is once we lose them in some cases its likely we will never get them back

  2. The Republican Party Has Lost Social Conservative Democrats on Free Trade: Due to the economy being as bad as it is social issues were not relevant in this election (although many pro life measures failed which is scary thing) yet Obama/Congress Dems scored big on going against Trade Issues and this has played well in places like Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Virginia where they ran social Conservative Dems yet this issue helped them

  3. Hispanic Voters

Nevada, Colorado, and New Mexico (it will move to Arizona too) may have started a political problem the GOP faces and needs to work on. Its very plausible like CA these states will show whites in minority. The Republican Party must start a major effort in trying to have an outreach, support latinos at local level, and try to soften its image with latinos. The Republican Party is not anti Hispanic its against illegal immigration.

  1. Virginia

The Commonwealth of Virginia is now a blue state as far as I am concerned. The Dems picked up Senate Seat and 3 Congressional Races. I would love for some posters from the state to provide some info on what VA GOP needs to do to correct this?

  1. Candidate Recruitment/Campaign Finance/New Face

First, Republicans would be coy to talk about making some changes to McCain/Feingold its only hurt this party and I dare Obama to reject them

The Republican Party needs to start recruiting better candidates there is no excuse we let someone like Johnson get free ride this year or Baucus in MT. The RNC would be smart to spend some money in MT, ND, and SD to try to help Republican party. The NRCC also should take example from the Dems and possibly start backing candidates in primary and a rule rematches rarely work for us (Bradley NH, Northup KY, Hart PA, Gard WI)

The DC Republicans need some fresh new voices. The Party looks like a bunch of old white hair men done there with southern voices.

I believe Adam Schock of Il may be one the best new voices for the party and he can help the party appeal to young voters.

As a diehard Republican I am nervous what fights to our party fight? Thinking Obama does worse is wrong on our part many Dems thought the same thing and we picked up seats 2 years later so anything can happen. I just hope we as a party can start some discussion of trying to get a new message: Tax Cuts seem to not be working for us we need something better

I hit many points I hope to see your thoughts but lets keep this discussion nice