Lets Go Posters: Congressional Race Thread (Please Discuss Races Here)

I hope all posters can take time to post to us about some of key races in battle for Congress happening here. Please give us some updates of what you see happening on ground and what is key themes in each race.

In Particular If anyone can share info on these it would be excellent:

CT Shays

PA Altmire, English, Kanjorski, Murphy, Carney

MI Walberg, Knolleberg

OH Chabot, Schmidt, Open Price, Open Regula

NV Porter

CO Musgrave

MN Open Ramstad, Bachmann, Waltz

AZ Open Renzi, Shadegg, Mitchell, Giffords

NJ Open Ferguson, Open Saxton

NY Open Fossella, Open Walsh, Hall, Gillibrand, Kuhl

NH Porter, Hodes

VA Open Davis

FL Diaz Balart Brothers, Feeney, Keller, Mahoney

GA Marshall

NC Hayes

TX Lampson

KS Boyda

AK Young

WY Open Cubin

ID Sali

OR Open Hooley

WA Reichert

CA McNerney

KY Yarmuth

NM Open Wilson

WI Kagen

IL Open Weller, Kirk

IN Hill, Donnelly

Lets Talk Congress races!