McCain Supporters Angry? (Serious Media)

I’ve had it with the liberal media. For the past 8 years the angry left has attacked this current President for everything you can imagine. They have attacked Conservatives in the most mean spirited way with vandalism on our property (remember all those tires being slashed with GOP bumper stickers, signs destroyed) , attacks in our schools (forcing us to hear only their views and if not expect protests galore), and vulgar talks by them on daily basis (if u attend a rally or fundraiser for GOP u better expect lovely talk from the other side on your way in).

Yet now? The media is playing it up that us Republicans are filled with anger? Guess what we are angry! We are angry the media is in tank for Obama, so is entertainment community, that every word by Palin is looked to misconstrue but any talk of Wright or Ayers is racism on our parts.

I can’t believe we get the label angry now when we as party for the most part aren’t out burning American flags (Obama supporters), are not out screaming and swearing at the other side, are not out destroying signs of Obama fans, and yet the AP has 3 articles up in last 3 hrs of us being angry

Give me a break! Hogwash!