Battle For House: Key Congress Races (West Coast Today 2R/2D)

Over the course of the next week I will post some info on many of the key Congress Races this year but it will take your help too. I look forward to posters info and I especially hope we get many posters posting in these threads. Its great we are all focused working for McCain but Republicans need to stay focus on House Races too.

The West Coast

Washington 8 Reichert (R)

Congressman Reichert represents the slightly tilted Democrat district and faces a rematch of his 06 opponent and millionaire in Darcy Burner. A recent SUSA poll had Reichert up around 9% and the Governors Race with Rossi can probably help Reichert even more. May say if Burner could not oust Reichert in 06 she faces a tougher challenge this cycle but she is outspending Reichert so the race will probably be just as close

Oregon 5 Open Seat Wooley (D)

When Wooley decided to retire Republicans were full of glee at the prospects of scooping up an open House Seat which Bush won (barely) but it appears to be difficult now. The GOP nominee Erickson still faces an abortion issue from primary and NRL still refuses to endorse him and a couple of GOP State Senators has endorsed the Dem nominee in Schrader. Unless, something big breaks it looks like Dems will retain this seat.

CA 4 Doolittle (R) Open Seat

Republicans have an excellent candidate in State Senator McClintock who is favorite to hold this seat for Republicans and faces 06 Dem Nominee Charlie Brown who came close to knocking Doolittle off in 06 but that was more of Doolittle’s corruption problems then what this GOP tilted represents.

CA 11 McNerney (D)

One of the best chances Republicans have this year is knocking off MCNerney who represents a district Bush won with 54% 4 years ago and he faces Dean Andal a former Assemblyman who has raised over 1 million dollars (a lot this year for most GOP challengers) but he will still be outspent and McNerney is being helped by many liberal PAC’s and even real estate PAC which usually backs Dems but McNerney in 04 garnered not even 40% of the vote so its a question of whether he feared well against Polombo who had ethical questions or is district trending Democrat.

McNerney is probably slight favored but this is one of winnable seats for us.

I look forward to posters knowledge from on the ground and their takes. Please post!