Senate Polls NM, VA, OR, AK, MN Some Concerns)

A tone of new polls and some major concerns for us

NM Open Seat (R) SUSA Poll

Udall 56%

Pierce (R) 41%

MN Coleman (R)

Coleman 41%

Franken 40%

Barkley (I) 14%

VA Open Seat (R)

Warner 57%

Gilmore 34%

Alaska Stevens (R) Research 2000 Poll

Begich 50%

Stevens 44%

Oregon Smith (R)

Rasmussen Poll

Smith 46%

Merkley 45%

Portland Tribune Poll

Smith 37%

Merkley 36%There is a bad possibility in worse case scenario we could lose VA, NM, CO, NH, MN, OR, and Alaska and Dems could gain 7 Seats

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