NYTimes: Article on Palin's Son/Father To Be (Disgusting)

Seems like sweet article at first on hockey in Alaska but the whole article has a point of course to first call Palin just a woman who was keeping track of score board till few years ago. A family who says they are average family and lets them play hockey (they go into full detail how much it costs for equipment) etx so goal of Times to say they have some money and hockey moms are just upper crest.

The worse part to me is to give every detail on Palin’s son and they basically hint since he was injured he joined military as a last resort but they really slam Palin’s daughter father to be calling him in simple terms a lowlife. How is this at all relevant to the campaign?

For all of the talk kids of these politicians are off the table the Times sure does Obama dirty work and the Times really should stop trying to bring down even these kids.