Congress Polls (AL, NM, MN, and MO)

New batch of SUSA polls on 3 open Republican House Seats

AL 2 Everett Open Seat (R)

Love (R) 56%

Bright (D) 39%

McCain 69% Obama 26%

MN 3 Ramstad (R) Open Seat

Paulson (R) 44%

Madia (DFL) 41%

Obama 48% McCain 46% (Bush carried this district with 51%)

NM 1 Wilson (R) Open Seat

Heinrich (D) 51%

White (R) 46%

Obama 55% McCain 41% (Kerry won district with 51%)

Good news: AL Seat off the table and MN is close as we expected

Mixed News: It does seem NM has shifted to Dems more and White is going to be in real fight here