Primary Day Today WY, WA (Sneak Peak 26th Tuesday AK, FL)

Primary Day this Tuesday in Wyoming and Washington State. The following Tuesday huge primaries in Alaska and Florida. Then by early September primaries in New Hampshire, Minnesota, Arizona, and some other states will determine who the Republican party nominates in some key Congress races and also a US Senate Race.

Here is what to look for:

*Tuesday August 19th *

Wyoming Congress AL Seat Open (R)

[ Barbara Cubin (R)* – Retiring in 2008. ]Mark Gordon (R) – Rancher & BusinessmanMichael Holland (R) – PhysicianCynthia Lummis (R) – Ex-State Treasurer, Ex-State Lands Director, Ex-State Rep. & Attorney WINNERBill Winney (R) – Engineer, Retired Navy Officer & ’06 Candidate

The Republicans will be deciding who will be our nominee to take on Gary Trauner (D) – Ex-Teton County School Board Chair, Businessman & ’06 Nominee who came incredibly close to knocking off Barbara Cubin in 06. Cubin faced many negatives in that race including a swipe at a candidate who was in a wheel bound chair.

A poll done by Mason Dixon showed a statistical dead heat between Cynthia Lummis and Gary Trauner so this is going to be a race we must keep an eye on.

Lummis Wins


The state of Washington has primaries in all its statewide races but in many cases those have already been determined.

The Gov Rematch in Nov of Gregoire and Rossi is already proving to be just as close as it was in last election.

As for Congressional Races the state will be quiet on Tuesday as races are pretty much all determined

WA 8 Reichert (R)

The race between Congressman Dave Reichert and 06 challenger Darcy Burner is going to be close. Burner is outraising Reichert but a recent SUSA poll have Reichert leading 50 to 44%

A race we need to keep an eye on in November

Tuesday August 26th


*US Senator Ted Stevens *

Senator Stevens is facing toughest re-election of his career and jail time as well. Even before charges against him he was in for tough road but now its going to be nail bitter. His first test starts Tuesday 26th

Ted Stevens (R)* – (Campaign Site)Mike Corey (R)Dave Cuddy (R) – Ex-State Rep., Real Estate Developer & ’96 CandidateJerry Heikes (R) – Drywall Contractor, Minister, National Guard Veteran & ’06 Governor CandidateRick Sikma (R) – Evangelist, Ex-Custodian & Ex-Auto WorkerVic Vickers (R) – Maritime Businessman & Economic HistorianRich Wanda (R) – ’02 State Rep. CandidateMark Begich (D) – Anchorage Mayor, Ex-Anchorage Assemblyman & BusinessmanRay Metcalfe (D) – Ex-State Rep., Ex-Republican & Frequent CandidateFrank Vondersaar (D) – Attorney & Frequent CandidateBob Bird (Alaskan Independence) – Teacher & Pro-Life ActivistDavid Haase (Libertarian) – Commercial RealtorTed Gianoutsos (Veterans) – Vietnam Veteran, ’04 Candidate & ’06 Governor CandidatePaul Kendall (Independent) Lance Merrick (Independent)

These are all candidates running for Senate in Alaska this year

Stevens is expected to win primary but his percentage will be very telling. He will face Begich in November and this could be a race that changes drastically depending on the outcome of his trial, if he removes himself from race, etc.

At-Large:Don Young (R)* – (Campaign Site)Gabrielle LeDoux (R) – State Rep., Ex-Kodiak Island Borough Mayor & AttorneySean Parnell (R) – Lt. Governor, Ex-State Sen., Ex-State Rep. & AttorneyDiane Benson (D) – Alaska Native Activist, Actor, Poet, ’06 Nominee & ’02 Governor CandidateEthan Berkowitz (D) – Ex-State House Minority Leader, Attorney, Businessman & ’06 Lt. Governor Nominee

The other race to watch in Alaska on that Tuesday will be Congressman Young who is facing Lt Gov Parnell which RedState has endorsed. Polls are tight and a very close outcome is expected.

Either winner will face Berkowitz in fall.


The Sunshine State holds its primary day and many races are already determined

FL 15 Open Seat (R)

Congressman Weldon is retiring and Bill Posey (R) – State Sen., Ex-State Rep., Ex-Rockledge City Councilman & Realtor is expected to win the primary and General Election in Fall

FL 16 Mahoney (D)

The big race to watch on Tuesday in Florida is this one

Gayle Harrell (R) – State Rep. & Ex-TeacherTom Rooney (R) – Attorney & Army VeteranHal Valeche (R) – Palm Beach Gardens City Councilman & Vietnam War Veteran

The polls have showed a tight primary between the candidates but it appears Tom Rooney has late momentum as Gov Crist has just endorsed him as well as State GOP Chairman and some fellow Republican Congressman. Rooney has also been endorsed by RedState.

Whoever emerges will face Congressman Mahoney who has a big campaign war chest. Expect a close race in November

If anyone has any pointers please post them on your take of these races