USA must Defend Her Ally Georgia

The strong condemnation of Russia can go on and on they are meaningless now. Russia is fighting far into Georgia and is trying to oust an elected leader and possibly reclaim Georgia to Russia. Georgia has been a great friend to this country and we have done nothing to help them in their time of need. The people of Georgia are angry at us and I believe they have a right to be so right now.

Where is the leadership we need right now from Bush?

1 . The US should have Rice over there right now

  1. We should have planes dropping humanitarian aide to Georgian people

  2. We should be giving financial aide to Georgia (and 250,000 is not enough)

  3. We should be helping the Georgian gov’t with arms

Mark my words right now Iran is laughing at us and by Russia getting away with this it is only emboldening Iran and Russia to continue to strong arm the entire region.

I ask again where is the leadership?