5 GOP Candidates To Support Part1

A new thread but for an important cause. Republicans seem to be getting some traction on Energy Issue and in many cases we have seen Republicans moving up in polls. They however, need your support whether it be in amounts of 25, 50, 75, or above. So I have decided to start a new series which will be: 5 Candidates A Day Which Need Your Support!

We need to start getting more focused on House Races on this site

Todays 5 To Support:

  1. TX 22 Lampson (D)

Our candidate: Pete Olson (R) – Attorney, Ex-Congressional Aide & US Navy Reserve Officer

Pete is running against Congresman Lampson who won the open seat in 06 of DeLay. The district leans heavily Republican but Pete needs your support; Lampson has over 1 million in his war chest while Olson has less then 100,00


  1. KS 2 Boyda (D)

Our candidate: Lynn Jenkins (R) – State Treasurer, Ex-State Rep. & Accountant

Jenkins just won a tight primary of Fmr Congresman Ryun who lost in 06 to Boyda. While the primary was tight the party has unified as Ryan has already endorsed Jenkins but she needs your support. Boyda has a campaign was chest over a million and Jenkins needs to play catch up now.


  1. OH 15 Open Seat Price (R)

Dem candidate: Mary Jo Kilroy

Our candidate: Steve Stivers (R) – State Sen., Financial Executive & Iraq War Veteran

Just this week a new SUSA poll was released and it showed a statistical dead heat with Kilroy at 47 and Stivers at 44Kilroy lost this race in 06 so she is already a known quantity while Stivers who took a lot off this year to serve his country in Iraq is still introducing himself. The race will be very close and Stivers needs your support


4. US Senate Colorado Open Seat (R)

Our candidate: Bob Schaffer (R) – State Board of Education Member, Ex-Congressman & ’04 Candidate

Bob is running for the Open Seat in Colorado and faces Boulder Congressman Udall who has over 2 million more COH then Schaffer. Polls have showed a very close race and Bob Schaffer needs your help.


  1. NV 3 Porter (R)

Congressman Porter is in a tight match against Fmr Gov Candidate Titus who outraised Porter last financial cycle. Some early polls show a very tight race- Congressman Porter needs your help.


I hope everyone takes some time to check out the above sites and make a donation. Till next time!