Today Is Primary Day: KS, MO, and MI (Congress/Gov Nods)

Tuesday is a big day in MO, KS, and MI as each state holds its primaries to determine who the nominee will be for us in November. Georgia also holds its runoff that day to determine who will face Senator Chambliss in fall

Here is rundown of races to watch on Tuesday:


The biggest take back opportunity for us Republicans in fall is in KS 02 where Nancy Boyda won a surprising victory in 06 over Jim Ryun. Ryun is running again but faces current State Treasurer Jenkins. Ryun is running as more Conservative candidate but questions remain over what happened in 06 for him to lose in first place.

Boyda has 1 million in her war chest so whoever emerges is going to need funds fast.


MI 07 Walberg (R)

Democrats in DC believe they can knock off Walberg who won re-election with below the numbers in 06. His 06 opponent Renier is not being backed by the party instead they have chosen to get behind State Senate Minority Leader Mark Shauer. Shauer is probably favorite to win primary but it will be interesting to see just how close it is. This will be a race to keep an eye on in fall.

Shauer has won

MI 13 Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (D) is facing a strong primary as a result of her scandal plagues son and faces:Martha Scott (D) – State Sen., Ex-State Rep., Ex-Highland Park Mayor & Ex-Wayne County CommissionerMary Waters (D) – Ex-State Rep.

District is solidly Democrat but its interesting to see Detroit Dems in turmoil and it can possibly lead to some voters staying away in fall which is fear of Dems


Governors Race:

Republicans will determine who will face Attorney General Nixon in fall. The primary is between Kenny Hulshof (R) – Congressman, Attorney & Farmer and Sarah Steelman (R) – State Treasurer, Ex-State Sen. & Economist. The polls have showed a tight race with more of state party endorsing Hulshof. Whoever emerges will be in underdog status as Nixon is far ahead either in current polls.

Hulshof is the winner

District 9:[ Kenny Hulshof (R)* – Candidate for Governor in 2008. ] Leaves a open seat for Republicans to defend

Here is list of candidates on both sides:

Dan Bishir (R) Blaine Luetkemeyer (R) – Ex-State Tourism Director, Ex-State Rep. & ’04 State Treasurer CandidateDanie Moore (R) – State Rep., Shooting Range Owner & Ex-TeacherBrock Olivo (R) – Ex-Pro Football PlayerBob Onder (R) – State Rep., Physician & Attorney*Judy Baker (D) – State Rep., Consultant, Ex-Hospital Administrator & Ex-College Professor *Lyndon Bode (D) – Marion County Commissioner, Democratic Activist & BusinessmanSteve Gaw (D) – Ex-State House Speaker, Farmer & ’00 Secretary of State CandidateKen Jacob (D) – Ex-State Sen., Ex-State Rep., Attorney & ’04 Lt. Governor Nominee

The district favors Republicans but the primary has been heated so its worth keeping an eye on. Not sure what is happening in race.

Its Luetkemeyer vs Baker


Runoff to determine who faces US Senator Chambliss

Vernon Jones (D) – DeKalb County CEO & Ex-State Rep.Jim Martin (D) – Ex-State Rep., Ex-State Human Resources Commissioner, Vietnam War Veteran & ’06 Lt. Governor Nominee

Look forward to any comments on races and check back on Tuesday for updates

Of note: Thursday is primary day in Tenn and the following week is primary day in Colorado and Nevada