Cash on Hand Congressional Candidates

There is an alarming issue that arose this week even more clearly then before and thats the COH issue for our Congress candidates. In many cases the Republicans have had bitter, nasty primaries while the Dems sat back and collected money for the General. In many cases the DCCC came into primaries and backed specific candidates while NRCC has refused to do so.

This also does not take into account the money the House and Senatorial Campaign can take into account.

Below are some examples of COH for our candidates (in some cases Dems outraised sitting GOP congressman last cylce which is more troubling.

MS Sen

Wicker reported having just under $3 million in the bank at the end of June, while Musgrove had just under $720,000, giving Wicker a strong advantage.

LA Sen

Kennedy’s campaign states that his finance report due out next week will show him raising an impressive $1.51 million in the second quarter and having $2.8 million in the bank. That barely tops Landrieu’s $1.5 million to be reported for the quarter, which increases her cash on hand to $5.4 million.

NM Senate

Udall’s campaign has a cash balance of nearly $2.9 million and Pearce had $531,624.

NH Senate

Shaheen’s campaign said it has $1.6 million this quarter with $2.1 million on hand. Sununu is also adding to his formidable war chest as tries to remain in his Senate seat. He raised $1.1 million this quarter and has $5.1 million in the bank

VA Senate

In campaign finance reports released Tuesday, Gilmore had $117,000 in the bank as he prepared to enter the next phase of the campaign, including a debate with Warner this weekend at the Homestead Resort in the western part of the state.

Warner, who like Gilmore is a former governor, has $5.1 million in the bank, giving him a commanding advantage in his ability to reach out to voters.

CO Senate

Udall raised $2 million in the second quarter, compared to Schaffer’s $1.4 million, according to reports released Tuesday. Udall also has $4 million on hand, despite outspending Schaffer $2.3 million to $775,390. Schaffer has $2.8 million.

House Candidates:

CA But McClintock’s victory cost him: He raised nearly $1.6 million in his bid to replace Republican Rep. John Doolittle in the state’s 4th Congressional District, and he finished the quarter with but $117,000 in cash on hand, according to a report filed Tuesday with the Federal Election Commission.

Brown has raised more than $1.3 million and had more than $670,000 in cash on hand.

CA Andal reported $663,038 in the bank as of June 30 compared with $1.4 million for McNerney.

Ohio 15: Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy and Republican state Sen. Steve Stivers are poised to pour millions into their race to replace Republican Rep. Deborah Pryce. Kilroy reported $1.2 million and Stivers reported $880,000 in cash at the end of the month.