Democrats and the Plantation Syndrome

It really doesn’t surprise me that the Democrats/Liberals are pulling out all the stops to smear Gov. Palin. This has been going on for years, and there are particular groups of people that are specially targeted by the Left when they break from Liberal doctrine. These groups include African-Americans, women, and some others to a lesser extent. Why are these groups targets of the Democrats, when all they have done is espouse a more conservative agenda? It’s because they have strayed from the plantation.

The Democrats consider all African-Americans and women to be their exclusive constituents; and they are afraid that if any individual from one of those groups gains credibility as a conservative, it will cause a mass exodus of others. Consider the vitriol hurled at Clarence Thomas, when he was nominated to the Supreme Court; and Barack Obama even today belittles Justice Thomas’s intelligence. Justice Thomas’s story should be a model to the poor and disadvantaged … and it would be, if only he held liberal views. Because he is black and a conservative, he is subject to attacks from the Left that no white conservative nor black liberal would have to endure.

Gov. Palin is an example of a conservative woman, who has not bought in to liberal doctrines, and that makes her a serious threat to the message that women are best served by the Democratic Party. I do not expect the attacks to stop, or even subside … even if (perhaps especially if) she does become our next Vice President. The Democrats believe they have too much to lose, if that happens; and they will stop at nothing to stop her.

Oh yeah, the plantation thing. As long as African-Americans and women stay on the Democrat/Liberal plantation, they are treated with deference (if not respect). However, if they stray, they are nothing but uppity (oh, can’t use that word) and shrewish (can’t use that word either). Those folks on the Left. What a fine collection of open-minded, diversity-loving intellectuals … NOT.