How You Can Save America! Step One!

No one wants you to ‘give up’ on America. And we are not suggesting you do that in anyway. But you need to come to the realization that there is no “Taking America Back”. That’s not going to happen.alamo protest

You can give it all you have. Even get a Republican elected President in 2016 but in the end the country is going liberal. It can’t be stopped if you continue to do things the way you always have. We have to try new and outside the box tactics.

Here is the answer:

Step 1: Get every solid conservative you know who currently lives in a blue state to move to Texas.

That’s it. Every great journey starts with one small step. Your small step to help the cause is stated above.

Let me ask you a question…Do you live in a solid blue state? Well, go to Texas and help save the country! Do it today.

Right now, as you read this the Democrats have “Battleground Texas” in full swing. Their goal is to turn Texas blue because they know if that happens it is checkmate. Game Over. The fat lady sings.

We need to send reinforcements to Texas ASAP in a steady and consistent manner. And these conservative reinforcements need to come from solid blue states. That is the first step in a very long journey to restore America.

Lets start today before it is too late. Duty calls!

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