Did the Republicans come out the losers in the Government Shutdown fight?

Yes. The GOP did come out as the big losers but not for the reasons the media keeps putting forth.

Finally, the majority of Senate Republicans and many in the House (like Joe Heck) were totally exposed as not being any different from the Democrats.

When you see the talking heads speaking about the polls that show the GOP came out the big loser and is suffering lower poll numbers the truth is those low poll numbers are because true conservatives have finally had enough and are making their dislike of the GOP known.

We always used to speak of the ‘silent majority’ which supposedly meant that the majority of Americas were conservative yet just did not speak out like the liberals did.

Times have changed. Some still argue this view but it appears America has gone over the tipping point. The majority of voters seem to favor politicians who are not conservative and don’t believe in following the Constitution.

So what does all this mean? Third party to challenge the GOP? An America that turns totally socialist in the next 20 years? No one really knows but one thing is clear…if Americans who believe in the Constitution and want to restore America to the founding principles continue to ‘fight’ the leftists the same way we have been for the last 20 to 30 years we are doomed to failure.

Our tactics must change and we must change them right now.

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