The Faux Republican Stand

Who really thinks John Boehner and the majority of Republicans had any intention at all of really fighting to defund or delay Obamacare? I hope none of you!

At RightFace! we fully believe that this whole thing was a ‘game’ being played on the American people by both parties. The Democrats and the GOP leaders were in cahoots the whole time. The ending to all this was known by the ‘players’ before it even started.

Why? Because for the most part there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans anymore. Nancy Pelosi even told us that with her statement, “It should not matter who wins elections as we have shared values.”

She is letting you in on the dirty little secret that the GOP is now just basically a farm team of the Democratic Party. The Democrats have become full blown socialists/communists and don’t even try to hide it anymore. They are using tactics that ‘our side’ would not even think of…infiltrating the other side. How else can you possibly explain the likes of John McCain, Bob Corker, Lindsey Graham, John Boehner and Eric Cantor?

Harry Reid, President Obama and Pelosi simply ‘allowed’ the GOP leaders to try and grandstand for a while in an attempt to endear themselves to conservatives. Well, it did not work! The truth about what is going on in DC is plainly obvious to anyone that wants to simply open their eyes to it.

Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are true American heroes! They stood up to the whole Washington DC establishment and tried the best they could. They are living in hostile land so support them every way you can.

Imagine for a moment the GOP stance on Obamacare was legitimate and they really wanted to stop this illegally passed law? What could the end result of looked like?

Keep the government shutdown and do not increase the debt limit. Since the government could no longer borrow more money the politicians would have had to manage with the actual tax revenues that come in each month…pay the debt, the military, social security etc. Just go down the list paying what could be paid based on priority and the amount of money coming in.

Things would have to be cut in a massive way such as shutting down unnecessary departments like Education, Energy, and Commerce just to name a few.

Would there be mass riots in the streets? A total breakdown of society if this happened? No, not at all. The states, counties and cities would step in and take care of ‘business’ on a local level just like it used to be in America. Private charities, churches and families would take care of people who needed help, just like it used to be in America.

The GOP actually had an opportunity to take a giant step towards restoring a ‘Free’ and ‘Better’ America than what we have now.

And one other ‘event’ that would have taken place had the GOP actually held their ground…the Democrats and Obama would have come begging them for a settlement.

There is no doubt it would have happened and we could have defunded Obamacare. The Democrats did not budge because the fix was in from the beginning. Obama giving in to the GOP was not in the manuscript for this show.

Are you embarrassed to be a Republican these days? You should be.