The Time is Now! A Call to Duty: Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee

The time has come for a change of tactics for Conservatives. If we continue doing the same things we have been doing thehttp://api.ning.com/files/ELYeQY7-NH3-zlwgEnKpKcSL*WyEkQld8i8ZU3uXZa4GM9FVoJadg1JqXb4DbG5O3k1DqpGbP3XkCDf*bitDpL43BENI7-Xi/mikeleerandpaultedcruz.jpg last five years America is just flat out going to disappear.

We need a new Conservative party and we need Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee (along with some in the House) to break away from the GOP and start a revolution.

1) A new third party can be successful if it were started by these three Senators.

2) A new third party would make the GOP unable to win another election unless they worked ‘with’ us Conservatives and not against us like they are doing now.

3) The GOP establishment does not respect Conservatives and actually wants to eliminate them. If you did not believe that before you must now after the Obamacare vote last week.

The time is now! No more fooling ourselves thinking we can ‘win back’ control over the Republican party because it is not going to happen.

The GOP is now an official subsidiary of the Democrat party.

Senator Cruz, Paul and Lee are you listening? Are you bold enough and daring enough to REALLY try and restore America to Constitutional government?

This is your opportunity to change history.

Right here, right now.

Your nation is calling.

Join us at http://www.RightFace.us for more about a new conservative party. We need your help!

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