Marco Rubio's Speech at Las Vegas Elementary School

Marco Rubio fired up the crowd in Las Vegas Saturday during a speech at his old elementary school on the east side of town.

Despite the fact that Marco has disappointed many conservatives lately coming out in support of John McCain’s criticism of Michele Bachmann he is still the most “Reagan like” of any leader in the Republican Party these days. His speech was excellent and my view is that Mitt Romney will be an idiot if he does not pick him as the VP choice.

Yes, there are some that say he is not eligible to be President. Ok, well I am not worried about that at the moment. Many say he is eligible while others say he is not. My point is that we need him now as VP to stop Obama from totally ruining this country. If he is indeed picked as the VP and then Romney wins and then the Democrats want to challenge his eligibility in court they can have at it when the time comes but we will have the White House.

Since it appears there is no way he will pick Col Allen West then Rubio is my number one choice by far. If Romney wants to win he can’t play it safe with someone boring. Do you all realize how much of a HUGE disappointment there will be with the base and others if he does not pick Rubio? Unlike in 2008 when McCain’s campaign was totally rejuvenated by picking Sarah Palin (Cheney you are 100% wrong!) as the VP choice the exact opposite will be true if Romney does not pick Rubio.

As an example, a 25 year old I know who always leaned liberal loves Rubio. She says many of her friends like Rubio even though they don’t care all that much for Romney. She told me the other day that she is ‘sad’ because it looks like Romney will not pick Rubio. Discouraged potential Romney voter. There will be many ‘discouraged’ potential Romney voters without Rubio on the ticket. Marco Rubio as VP offers Mitt his best chance for victory by far and would bring to the ticket voters that a Romney/Portman or Romney/Pawlenty pairing never would.

Marco’s speech is below in two parts. It was taken on a cell phone so the quality is not that great and you have to turn up the volume to hear it well but this is a must listen.

Marco begins by reminding us all how until America was born around 200 years ago or so ago the vast majority of the people in the world were poor, VERY poor and their lives were full of suffering. There were a very ‘elites’ who ruled everyone else. If you were not born of an ‘elite’ your life was cast and probably doomed to poverty. That was the “Old World”.

America changed all that with an ‘idea’ that literally transformed human existence on Earth. The ‘idea’ was that people have God given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Government does NOT give people those rights. Those rights are given to everyone by God and are unalienable.

Today we have a government that seems to only talk about the limits and restrictions it wants to put on the people. Everyday we seem to lose another freedom. Never ending new regulations, taxes, drones in the sky and more are transforming America into the “Old World”. A world that people used to come to America to escape. There is no longer anywhere to escape to.

Marco tells us that President Obama does not like the American private enterprise system and he does not even understand it. Listen…



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