A Slip of the Lip from Mitt?

Some were surprised that Mitt Romney won the CPAC straw poll last week. Rick Santorum sure was and has suggested the poll was rigged. But the real news from CPAC besides Sarah Palin’s great speech was that during Romney’s speech to the convention he called himself a “severe conservative”.

Ok, what the heck is a severe conservative? Is that some new type of term Romney created just for CPAC to show them that he is a true conservative? Mitt Romney has a problem. He can’t seem to get over the hump and seal the deal on the Republican nomination. There is a reason he can’t seem to get that done and the reason is he is not a true conservative and the base of the Republican party knows it. Mitt Romney’s problem is Mitt Romney. “I was a severely conservative Governor” Huh?

Despite the millions and millions of dollars he has raised and spent in his quest to win the Republican nomination he just seems to have a hard time getting it done. Even when you consider he really has not had a strong group of contenders to beat out.

Why does the base not think Romney is a true conservative? Because of his record as Governor of Massachusetts! Romneycare was the product of a liberal mindset and nothing he says short of denouncing it as a wrong decision can change that fact. And guess what? Mitt won’t say he was wrong.

Instead he defends Romneycare with some kind of double speak that it is OK for a state but not for a nation. His ego is so big that he just can’t admit he was wrong on a major decision. Instead he thinks it is better to play political word games with the voters. That is typical of how liberals think, not conservatives. Of course, maybe he still does think a mandate was the right decision and if that is the case he should be running against Barack Obama for the Democratic Party nomination.

Mitt Romney tells us that he is a brilliant businessman and not a politician. The truth is that if Romney was really a smart “businessman” and not a political person, someone driven solely by ego to win the Presidency he would have said he was wrong about Romneycare long ago. That would have been the action of a smart businessman. In business you address your mistake head on, fix it and move forward. If he had done that he would have wrapped up the GOP nomination before it even started. If Mitt is not a smart businessman but more of a political creature than what possible credential does he posses that compels us to vote for him?

How many of you fancy yourself as a true conservative? I do. I always have since I can remember. Somehow back when I was about 12 years old I realized that liberals were hypocrites and used unethical techniques and statements to try and get their way. That liberals believed they were superior to the rest of us and wanted to keep us in our place like a king would keep his pheasants in place. It was easy for me to see that. Yes, I realize that many people learn as they grow older and change their views but I do not believe we are seeing this transformation with Mitt Romney. I believe we are seeing a man driven by ego to somehow ‘complete’ his resume.

Would any of you that consider yourselves true conservatives ever call yourself  “severely” conservative? Would that word even enter your mind? Not me. It sounds more like something a liberal would say about a conservative. Much like when liberals label us ‘extreme’. I don’t think this was a slip of the lip from Mitt. I think it was a subconscious act that shows he is not comfortable ‘trying’ to portray himself as a true conservative.

Rush always tells us that you have to be comfortable with being a true conservative. That a true conservative has no problems speaking about conservatism because it comes from their core. Conservatism comes from their heart so it is easy for them to talk about it. Mitt calling himself  “severely conservative” tells us everything we need to know. Sounds like he is saying he has some kind of disease.

It sure has not been easy for Romney to talk about conservatism. It never has and seems like it never will be. Is this who we really want to lead our party in the fall?

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