Newt Loses Florida!

Or did he?

Clearly, Newt changed his tactics in the last two debates this week. It was very clear to anyone who has watched his other performances that something was different. Why? Was he tired? Was the questioning ‘changed’ by the networks to make sure Newt did not have a “Newt Moment” again? Was this a strategic move on Gingrich’s part? I guess only Newt and insiders at his campaign know the answer to those questions.

Whatever the case may be I know there are a lot of disappointed ‘Newt Fans’ out there tonight. Many of us were hoping that someone, anyone could beat Mitt Romney. It seemed like Newt missed so many opportunities to score points. Also, Romney stepped up his game tonight. While he was still not great he did show improvement in style enough to make the media and Republican establishment breath a sign of relief. They think they put Newt back in his place tonight and Romney can take a giant step towards the nomination with a win in Florida now.

So did Newt lose the Florida primary tonight with his debate performance? I don’t think so. Sure, he did not perform the way many wanted him to but are we to really think that people vote just based on what they see in a debate? How many people could have even watched that debate that will be voting Tuesday? The truth is probably not that many. I know my sister and her family did not watch it. My Mother did not watch it. In fact, none of my friends in Florida watched it either.

Newt did OK in the debate.  He was not bad at all. No Perry moments, not even close. He made his points well. Newt just did not hit one out of the park. It is not realistic to think he can do that in every debate. The expectations were just too high for him to meet after the South Carolina debates.

Lets hope the people in Florida working for Newt are not depressed because that is exactly what the Romney people and RINO’s are hoping for! Florida is NOT lost by any means. Maybe Newt knows what he is doing. If not and he loses then so be it. But never give up before the game is over. Tim Tebow proved that many, many times this year.

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