The next battleground for conservatives: FL-19

On February 2nd, conservatives around the country will be focusing their eyes and efforts on Florida’s 19th Congressional District (Robert “The Fire Breathing Liberal” Wexler’s former seat), when a special primary election will be held. The winner will face Ted Deutch, the anointed Democrat who’s already pledged his unconditional support for the radical Obama agenda, in the special primary election in April.

There is ONLY ONE true “Ronald Reagan conservative” running in the primary:  Curt Price.

Curt bio’s can be found at http://curtpriceforcongress.com/about-curt and you will see that is truly the type of individual we need in Congress.

Curt is a conservative Christian who, along with his wife of 34 years Elizabeth, attends Cornerstone Christian Center in Boca Raton, FL and together they have run their small business for 21 years.  He is a sincere and grounded individual, not a polished politician.

Curt’s campaign is sending out emails, maintains a very active social media campaign and has volunteers making GOTV calls eveyday. But he needs all of our help.

He recently “set the room on fire” at the South Florida 9-12 Tea Party forum.  Read about it here: http://southflorida912.org/2010/01/23/impressions-of-the-tea-party-candidate-forum/

He’s winning over the voters of FL-19, will you support Curt Price for Congress?