Thank you Mr McCain!

 Once again John McCain has proven that he has the political genius to outwit his opponent in this election. With one masterful stroke he destroyed any momentum that Obama would have enjoyed from his convention and his "I AM" speech the other night.  With the VP pick of Sarah Palin he has firmly solidified his base and has re-energized this race. Of course the smears, the insults and the downright anti-women sexism will be in full display from the "party of tolerance" while they continue to insist that they are the ticket for middle America.

I think this trap ws brilliantly laid by McCain and as he expected the Obama Campaign has already taken the bait. You can be sure that they will let the left-wing zealots out there do their dirty work but they will be the force behind all of the crass opinions that will now inundate the MSM and the Sunday talk shows. S Sarah Palin will hold her own I think and i believe that she will surprise many of us. She is bright, attractive, God-fearing, gun-loving, Pro-Life, Pro-Marriage, Pro-Family, and loves the country. She has a son in the military and she is a staunch Conservative. On behalf of the Christian, Military, Pro-Life, anti abortion and Pro-Family crowd I say “Welcome Sarah, we are glad to have you”! This signals a new day and I think a turning point in this election. The only thing left to do now is to deliver the death blow which will happen in the debates. Bring it on Mr Obama, bring it on!!