I am appalled, ashamed and embarassed!!

At 64 and being an avid independent voter for 40 years, voting both democratic and Republican I can honestly say I feel politics have fallen to an all time low in this Country. Since when do we rake a 16 year old child over the coals because her Mother is running for VP. Shame on the media, Shame on NBC, ABC CBS, CNN and all of them. This is a disgrace for our Country. Does anyone not care that the whole world os weighing in on this, not only seeing us as a pack of wolves but also laughing at just how stupid we are. Show me just one family in this Country that hasn’t had some kind of trouble with teenage children. Having 4 Kids myself, 15 grandkids and 6 great grandkids, not to mention living 64 years I can tell you there are none. There are a lot of them out there that won’t admit it but somewhere in their family there is at least one.

Since when do we use candidates kids for political fodder, Always before candidates kids were off limits. It was clearly stated by the media during the Clinton run for President that Cheksea was off limits and I respected that. She was!!!!!!!!!!

People, this is just wrong. That child has done nothing to warrant this kind of scruntiny. She made a mistake. We all do when we are kids, Some get caught and some don’t. Heaven knows most of the guys never get caught. All these “journalist”(??)have probaly done more than this child has. I wonder if they were investigated what kind of things we would find on them or their famalies. I think they need to be ask!!

I was sickened watching the Today Show this morning. Matt Lauer wouldn’t even let his guest answer a question he ask before talking over the top of his own guest and asking another one. He was like a rabid animal foaming at the mouth.The is truly a sad time we are in.