O.E.Y.C spread it around

So I’ve just been over at Instapundit and Glenn Reynolds has a reminder

Remember, protest is patriotic, and dissent is the highest for of patriotism!

And this link to Operation Embarrass Your Congressman apparently it’s only been up for about 3 days, looks like a fun place to visit. It sounds alot like Moes Strategy, to me, but anyway;

This isn’t about Democrats or Republicans, red states or blue states, conservatives or liberals… it’s about OUR DEMOCRACY, OUR FREEDOM, and OUR LIBERTY. We’ve had it with OUT OF TOUCH Representation!

Our elected officials have lost touch with the fact that they work for us. They are out of control, passing legislation they don’t read or even care to read! They’ve embarrassed America. They’ve embarrassed their constituents (us). They’ve made a mockery out of our Constitution and the legislative process. I, like millions of other tax-paying Americans am ashamed of our elected officials. So now, it’s time to really expose them (Congress) for the arrogant, ignorant, and insolent people they are. They’ve embarrassed us, so now it’s time to embarrass them! I don’t condone violence in any way. We simply want to use the truth, the facts, their own words in public appearances, and the power of the Internet to expose their arrogance, ignorance, and insolence! As the TRUTH about them spreads, it our prayer DEMOCRACY WILL PREVAIL! An informed people is vital to good government. We have commen sense on our side!

It’s even got a list of question you can ask your critter, I like this one

Are you for or against the current legislation in it’s present form? (allow answer) And how much of the bill have you PERSONALLY READ? (If they answer “not all” because it’s too big/long, ask…) By the fact that these legislative measures consist of hundreds or even thousands of pages, and many of your collegues admit they simply can’t read them all, it appears to the voting public that those writing the legislation purposely do so to “hide” or “cloak” many provisions of the bill that are highly unpopular with a great majority of Americans. If you don’t read every single page of the bill you vote on, how can you assure us these “hidden provisions” won’t be a part of the legislation?

It also has that helpful advise on how you can get out there and do something. My critter has decided that its better not to have any town hall and instead just wants to do a conference call.