First it was FOUR nows its TWO (Jobs,.,.,Jobs:Lower Costs)Update

Nancy Pe-Lied-see, What the hell are you doing to me, No more importantly, what the —- are you doing to my SON(and any other children my wife and I Choose to have)?
So Pelosi sat down with USA TODAY’s editorial board on Tuesday and disscussed health care reform, the economic stimulus bill, the two wars: Iraq and Afghanistan, and the CIA briefings. Now of course

Her comments were edited for length and clarity.

Why? Oh Yeah its Nancy isn’t it and they want me to buy even more C.R.A.P (h/t Gov Mike Huckabe) that I have to hale to the Recycling Center. If I’m going to buy a hard copy of any old media outlet its going to be a local paper so SWMBO can clip her coupons, saves me money so I’m all for it. Any way back to our Speaker of the House

Question:Those who witnessed the health care reform effort in 1993 and ’94 feel like we’ve seen this movie before. A young Democratic president with a Democratic Congress offers a sweeping overhaul. It is attacked as being overly complex, socialistic, government-run medicine, and the whole thing collapses. Will the sequel have a different ending?

Answer: It definitely will. First of all, the American people have a sense of urgency about health care. If nothing is done now, health care for them will increase in cost. There are two words that should describe what we’re trying to do: lower cost. Lower cost for the families, lower cost for businesses so they can be more competitive, lower cost for our economy so health care doesn’t take such a big chunk, and lower cost for our budget because health care reform is entitlement reform. We have to take that spiral down or otherwise, it’s endless in terms of growing the deficit. So, lower cost.

Simply put I don’t believe her, given the demographics of this country and the fact that end of life care is the most expensive part of healthcare, who can anyone believe her, unless by lower costs she means this. Then there is the way that she sold Cap and Tax “It’s Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs“. Isn’t that what the stimulas was about, but I’ll get to that. As for the entitlement to health care, what a load of BS, I simply do not feel at all entitled to it, period but thats just me, and as Deroy Murdock says

There is no need for a gargantuan health plan that spends $1.5 trillion — as the Congressional Budget Office estimates House Democrats want — nor for the 29 new federal boards, panels, and agencies that Senate Democrats envision. As for creating a “government option” for health insurance, why not create a government option for grocery stores and clothing shops, lest famine and nudity erupt across the land?

What Americans need is a thriving market in individually owned and controlled health-insurance plans. When you book an airline flight, PriceLine.com does not ask, “What is your group number?” You decide when and where to fly, and then buy your ticket. At least with personal travel, your boss does not fund this. The same is true for car insurance, home insurance, and often life insurance. Why must Americans shop for health insurance at work, rather than online or through independent agents?

That sound prity good to me. Now the only sense of urgency about health care I have is that I had better get it now before I have to start waiting for it, and I’ve had to in the past (Tale of TWO MRIs, I needed an MRI while I lived in the UK and it was 24wks before being told I needed one and getting it, I had an MRI July 16th this year, three weeks after being told I needed one). I have also watched others having to wait, and it killed them. See here.

And what of these lower costs and who are going to pay for them. Now Pelosi said here that given

The bill now moving through the House would raise taxes for individuals with annual adjusted gross incomes of $280,000, or families that make $350,000 or more.

“I’d like it to go higher than it is,” Pelosi said Friday.

The speaker would like the trigger raised to $500,000 for individuals and $1 million for families, “so it’s a millionaire’s tax,” she said. “When someone hears, ‘2,’ they think, ‘Oh, I could be there,’ because they don’t know the $280,000 is for one person.

“It sounds like you’re in the neighborhood. So I just want to remove all doubt. You hear ‘$500,000 a year,’ you think, ‘My God, that’s not me.’”

That doesn’t sound to good to me and I know that its been commented on in the news, which must be why she answered differently when asked by USA TODAY’s editors about the price tag

We should be able to squeeze as much as we possibly can out of the current system. If it’s a trillion dollars, over half of that has to come from savings and then half from a revenue stream, a co-pay, something else. When you say taxing the wealthy, you have to see what you’re comparing it to. What is the choice that is to be made? The Senate started out by saying they were going to have to tax people’s health insurance benefits. That is a tax largely on the middle class.

So where do you go get that much money? Well, at the high end, which has been enjoying quite a fiesta the last eight years in terms of tax cuts in the Bush administration. If the Senate comes up with a potpourri of further cuts or other sources of revenue that don’t hurt the middle class, then that’s something we should all be looking at. But this (reform) is going to happen. And those who oppose it are mainly just opposed to health care.

Just going to point out that I oppose this Reform but I’m not opposed to health care, in fact I love health care, that is, I love the Health Care that I currently have. I do believe that it can be improved but not the way that Pelosi and BO want to do it.

Earlier I said I simply don’t believe anything Pelosi says and asked who would. Now I know that it was 6 months ago now but How can she even say this

Q: The economic stimulus bill sent a lot of money out the door, but it is not working as well as was promised. Why not?

A: This was always a two-year bill. It always was thought to be something that, in the second half of this year, would have its fuller impact in terms of job creation and getting the money out. It takes time. But we’re still optimistic that millions of jobs will be saved or created. I’m not inclined to support a second (stimulus) because we haven’t seen the full impact of the first recovery package. It will happen. As I say, it’s a time-release thing.

Q: Could the first stimulus be accelerated?

A: I’d be interested in that, to see if there’s some way that it can be accelerated. Again, that relates to how government does its work.

To me at least she is saying that either the economic stimulus bill was actually a spending bill, which it was, or she, the leadership and BO lied to me, those many months ago. Silly me it both isn’t it?

Update. I guess the lies are going to continue until the fall. See here