Hannan on Hannity

This guy Daniel Hannan has made quiet the impression over the last couple of days, first with his blasting of British at the European Parliment and then with his appearence on Glenn Becks radio and TV shows, alone with Neil Cavuto show. Then we get this on Hannity last night:

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Now to me the last minute or so of this is the most important thing he said, even though all of it is totally true.

HANNAN: What made your country great, what made your people strong and prosperous and free.

HANNITY: Capitalism.

HANNAN: … that it was small government right from the beginning, right from the declaration of independence. There was a distrust of the concentration of power and a confidence in the freedom of the individual. And you know, people will always make better decisions for themselves than administrators will make for them.

And if — when you lose that, if you Europeanize yourselves, and under the illusion that it’s kind of, you know, a bit Hitler and a bit miser and you know, you make yourselves more popular in the world, you will throw away what may people actually respect you, not the least because I understand that it was something…

HANNITY: Daniel, I hope and I pray, and I mean this, that our politicians are listening to you tonight. Thank you for what you said. I hope you’ll come back on the program. We appreciate your being with us.

HANNAN: Pleasure to be here, Sean. Thank you.

HANNITY: All right. Thank you. Very inspiring.

Full transcript here:  http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,511011,00.html

So my question is who in the Republican party is going to stand up and be the American Daniel Hannan and articulate why we don’t need to be printing money, why a NHS won’t work and why small government works.