Brown wants Global New Deal, but has hinted at increasing Britain's tax cuts to boost that nation's economy

I’m sure that everyone has already read Gordon Browns off-ed piece in the Times of London


Now the part of this that I have the most problem with is this:

And last, coordinated international action to build tomorrow today – putting the world economy on an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable path towards future growth and recovery

Why, well

Firstly Who the hell is going to pay for all of this given the fact that

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has rejected calls for a multibillion-euro bailout plan for eastern European Union member states.

She says the situation is very different in each EU country and aid should be handled on a case-by-case basis. She adds that a one-size-fits-all bailout of poor eastern members is unwise.

Merkel told reporters during Sunday’s summit of EU leaders that “you cannot compare” the dire situation in Hungary with that in other countries.


Still, pessimism about the zeal with which politicians talk up green jobs is rooted in concerns raised across the pond.

Europe, which alongside Japan has led the world in alternative energy usage, is finding the dirty jobs/green jobs swap is not such a boon. Most EU member nations aren’t close to meeting Kyoto Protocol and other emissions targets, and all are finding the effort to meet them costly in terms of both euros and jobs. 

In December, more than 10,000 steelworkers gathered in Brussels to protest the EU’s plan to auction off CO2 emissions — similar to Obama’s cap and trade proposal — arguing that EU producers would face “increasing competition from producers who do not meet European norms and are not subject to emissions restrictions,” Agence France-Presse reported. That’s similar to the argument put forth by American opponents of the Kyoto Protocol.

Europe ‘s hunger for alternative energy sources dates back to the boom times, when it was easier to invest and innovate ahead of proven profitability. 

Now, the worldwide economic collapse has Europeans rethinking green policies. Some EU member nations are asking to stall climate change measures — which policymakers sell on the promise of a long-term payoff over short-term pain — until their balance sheets are healthier


Brown, who has hinted at increasing Britain’s tax cuts to boost that nation’s economy

Secondly, what world body is going to enforce these new rules, everybody knows that the UN couldn’t decide how to get out of a wet paper bag let alone decide on a set of rules that will be acceptible to every nation. The fact that what is morally correct for one might not be morrally correct for another is played out in our own lives everyday seems to indercate that trying to group everybody together is a non-starter.

Finally, What happens if China or India doesn’t want to play ball, come on every one, even within families there is disagreements and I’ve been to enough family gathering to know that there are something that you don’t talk about because well you know….