In The Land Of The Free, The Brave Pay More

To defend and protect against all enemies, foreign and domestic …

Our men and women take the oath of their free will because they love this country; they believe in the Constitution and what it means to most Americans. They will spend anywhere from 4 to 20-plus years walking a wall, carrying an M16, listening to sonar, and generally standing watch.

They work 24 hours a day because they are always on call, so the pay can work out to less than minimum wage. They don’t do this for glory or fame. When it is all said and done and their time is up (if they actually make it that far), they don’t wear a badge. The lady in line behind a veteran doesn’t know she slept soundly because that person served.

After budget cuts, to include limited pay raises, now President Obama wants to charge more for, and cut, health benefits for active duty military and veterans.

The proposal will increase the cost to an average military member or retiree about 300 percent by 2017.

These men and women have already given us so much. Some have come home with life but not limb. Long term care and many doctor visits will be necessary. Now the President has decided that this will cost even more than what has already been freely given. This is such an indictment of this President’s real idea when he says change.

All I can hope is that Congress has more gratitude for our men and women in uniform, more respect for a job well done, and continues to provide them with all the help and support they need from a grateful nation, not an apologetic one.