Change? Sure. Hope? ... Not So Much.

President Obama, who thinks high gas prices are nifty due to global warming, recently launched a class-warfare campaign against the Koch brothers which included blaming them for high gas prices. Class warfare? While the rest of us continue face the rising cost of gas, he is hosting “all star” dance parties and Hollywood Halloween bashes at the White House. The Average Joe is currently worried about how he or she is going to feed their kids, fill the tank, or even just get by. In the meantime, the President is laughing and singing with the likes of Mick Jagger, B.B. King, and Johnny Depp; Wow, that would impress the neighbors. Class warfare, indeed.

President Obama had gone on 61 family vacations by August of last year, according to CBS. Since he became President, he has also played 90 rounds of golf, as of this past December. I would like to know how many times the Average Joe has gone on
vacation or gone golfing during his reign. But hey, the Koch brothers! Mitt Romney!!

Every day we, the commoners, worry as we watch the cost of gas go up at our neighborhood pump. We also realize the cost is going to go up for the truck driver, yet nobody’s pay is going up; we just continue to pay more for what we already get or do. Meanwhile, President Obama wants to increase taxpayer subsidies for the Chevy Volt!!

President Obama will apologize for the burning of Korans in Afghanistan, but will he apologize to the American people for the rising cost of gas? For wasteful government spending? For questionable subsidies? Doubtful.

I don’t know what the answer is for this country, but I do know it’s not President Obama. Change may have been what this administration was about, but not hope. Lets stand together and find the America the founding fathers dreamed of; land of the free and home of the brave.